Walking is a fantastic way to increase and maintain your levels of physical activity, and best of all its FREE!

Firstly the health benefits are astonishing; it has deemed the ‘miracle cure’ by the Chief Medical Officer. Going for a walk regularly has shown to reduce your risk of many illnesses, to name a few:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stokes
  • Some types of Cancer

Also is great way to gradually get your fitness back after childbirth and is something you can do with your little one!

Walking is also has fantastic benefits for your over all wellbeing. It aids your physical wellbeing by: increasing your cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and an effective tool in weight management. Also it can improve you mood, self confidence and self perception, can even make you sleep better and reduce stress! Wow that sounds good!

Joining one of our Chase Fit walking groups it is a fantastic way to meet new people. Who likes going for a walk on their own in the rain? I imagine very few, however if you are meeting someone to have a catch up, finishing with a hot drink, it suddenly becomes far more appealing. Taking part in one of our buggy walks will provide you with opportunity to talk to fellow parents, exchange ideas and support.

So best foot forward and get walking.