Harvesting Beautiful Sweet Strawberries in the Gorgeous Month of July.

This is an easy fruit to grow, and the wonderful thing about strawberries is that it can multiply naturally over and over every year. You gain lots of strawberry plants without spending a penny!

A fruit that's full of goodness and can be enjoyed every summertime. Throughout the summer months, to enjoy strawberries picked straight from the plant truly is a special treat.

This beautiful red fruit provides an excellent source of vitamin C and K and also provides you with a good dose of folic acid, fibre and potassium. Not to mention the fact they contain powerful antioxidants to help clear out those pesky free radicals.........What an amazing fruit you are....you are!

To grow strawberries you need a sunny spot, and it's always best to grow lots as you'll have to share a few with the hungry wildlife, such as birds, hedgehogs, slugs.You can start growing your strawberries by buying just 2-4 plants. After this the plants will double in number every year. Before you know it you will have a blossoming strawberry patch packed full of goodness. Year after year the kids will be able to get excited about picking and eating until their hearts (and tummies) are content! Yum....




One thing to remember in helping those berries to grow is once the green fruit has appeared you need to put straw underneath them in order to stop the fruit from rotting, due to coming into contact with the damp soil. (Or use grass cuttings after you've mowed your lawn).


One way to enjoy eating fresh strawberries is to slice them and decorate homemade scones (see below). This is a simple scone recipe that you can enjoy making with all the family. Simply decorate with slices of strawberries and borage flowers to make a beautiful, tasty treat.



Borage flowers are a beautiful, lavender blue, star shaped herb flower that is also very easy to grow. Coincidentally, it just happens to be pretty good to look at!  It's also a companion plant to grow next to strawberries as they have a reputation for improving the flavour and growth of the strawberries. 




Bees also love borage, and it also repells many of the pests that bother the strawberries.

Edible flowers are a wonderful way to encourage kids into the garden. They are so versatile they can be sprinkled on salad, made into ice cubes, flower ice pops and decorate cakes. Believe me..... borage flowers taste fab!

*NOTE : It has been written that borage should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

So, if you fancy having a go at making an afternoon treat here is the recipe (see pdf below) ....and if you fancy having a go at colouring in borage just print off the borage sheet and get scribbling!

                                               Enjoy baking, scribbling and of course strawberry eating.......x