Peas, the green sweet treats of the allotment, they are full to the brim with vitamins A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6. One serving of peas contains as much vitamin C as two large apples and more fibre than a slice of wholemeal bread.They are also a good source of protein.

Peas you are simply fabulous!

The peas grow inside long green pods which you crack open and eat raw, the best way, as they taste sweet and delicious when freshly harvested.



When to plant?

It's best to plant pea seeds in late spring and then harvest them between May to November.

How to grow?

They're pretty straight forward for such a scrumptious treat. It is suggested to start pea seeds off indoors, but we have had successful pea planting straight into the garden.....You just have to keep your eyes peeled for those greedy slugs!

Plant each seed 10cm apart to make sure you give them plenty of growing room. For better results, remember to water the peas regularly and don't let the soil dry up. Once they around 15cm tall they need to be supported. All you need to find are some branches/long twigs at least 100cm tall. Dig them into the ground next to the pea shoot, and help train your shoot to climb the branch. Pea plants are fabulous to look at as they twist and turn, reaching their little arms out around their new found support.

When the pea plant starts to show white flowers, you know the peas are on their way! The flowers become the peas. Once the pea pods grow you have to wait for them to fatten........ and then it's time to eat.



However, our peas rarely made it to the kitchen table! The kids just absolutely loved eating the fresh peas straight away...... and we couldn't disagree. They have long been our allotment snacks as we go about our watering chores.

Eating fresh peas makes you smile!