Sweet peas are beautiful colourful scented  flowers which the bees love.πŸ’š

Every year we are asked to do our bit to help the bees to stay healthy.

This can can be your first little step to helping those buzzy bees.

What  you will need to do to  plant the sweet peas:

One recycled cardboard roll and add a ball of newspaper to the bottom of the roll ( nice tight fit) so that the compost doesn't fall out. 

Spoon in the compost add the seed when you have reached half way up the cardboard roll then cover the seed with more compost until you reach the top.

Water the seed wait for the the green shoots to show before watering it again.

Once the seeds are growing water with a small amount of water on a regular basis

*Note......Packet of sweet pea seeds.( you have to soak the seeds that you will be growing on a saucer with small amount of water overnight before planting) 



To decorate your cardboard rolls you can make your very own newspaper bees.πŸ’›

Print off PDF onto thin white card.

Cut out bees 

Go on a hunt for mom's and dad's old newspapers and cut out lots of pieces

Glue on to bees

Then you will need two black buttons for the eyes.

One peg so you can peg it to the cardboard roll while it sits on a sunny shelf waiting for the shoots to grow.





When is it time to plant out into the garden?

You can plant out into the garden March to May

Un-peg your newspaper bee, keep the shoots in the cardboard roll, dig a hole in your garden soil big enough to cover the roll. Sweet peas need to be supported outside they like to twist themselves around tall structures

Have ago a making your tipee of sticks.Go searching for a least four big sticks knock into the ground and tie at the top with string. Plant your cardboard roll of seeds at the base of each stick.


Now it's time to sit back and watch the flowers  grow and watch the bees flying to and fro.

When they have grown......Give someone you love a sweet pea flower βœ‚.........πŸ’š