The lovely month of June and all the wild flowers bloom


Wild flower examples:








Into the allotment we go, to the wild flower patch to show you how to press those beautiful wild blooms.

This is a lovely activity to do with little ones, learning about the names of wild flowers and creating a petaled memory they can treasure for a long time.

Or creating a gift for someone special.

This is a cheap and easy summer pastime for all the family to enjoy.



What you will need:

Heavy thick book

String, ribbons or scraps of found fabric cut into strips long enough to tie around your book

Tissue paper

A handful of wild flowers



Firstly you need to go on a wild flower hunt and just collect a small handful of flowers.

 Cut tissue paper to size to cover two pages (see below) and place your flower on one side of the tissue paper.


Then fold the tissue paper to cover the flowers. 


Continue to fill the book with your flower collection using this simple technique.

Now it's time to close the book and wrap ribbons or your strips of fabric around the book and tie

tight to bind the book together.

Leave 2- 3 weeks before opening to see the preserved​ flowers



Time to wait and look forward to your beautiful petaled memories.

Ideas you could create with your pressed flowers:

Framed picture

Thank you card

Book mark


Happy pressing 🌱