These are the edible flowers we have growing in the allotment this summer. 

Nasturtium flowers add a peppery taste to salads and are even great for decorating cakes.

Calendula petals can be plucked from the flower head and sprinkled over hot and cold food. You can also dry the petals out and use them like saffron, at a fraction of the cost! It even has the nickname 'poor man's saffron'.

Borage has a slight cucumber taste, great in green salads or fruit salads, decorating cakes and made into amazing ice cubes.

With Wild Pansies you can eat both their leaves and flowers. They are also great for sprucing up green salads, fruit salads, desserts and soups. Like Borage, you can also add them to ice cubes in order to decorate cold drinks.

Rose petals can be used to decorate cakes, and can be candid so to fragrance sweet treats.


Mrs.A&me are going to make ice pops with Wild Pansies as they seem to love growing in amongst our veg garden.

They are simple to make, so if you fancy doing the same, here is what you'll need;


Don't forget though - make sure you have an adult with you so you know you're picking something that's ok to eat

Ice pops molds

Lolly pop sticks

A splash of blackberry cordial

Plenty of water

A handful of blackberries

A handful of wild pansies

Simply, take the mould, mix all the ingredients together in water, add the cordial, and finish with lolly pop sticks.




Have a go at making your own cut out flower pops, print off the cut out flower PDF (see below)




 What you'll need;



Coloured paper to make your rose petals

Coloured pencils

Wooden lolly sticks