Oooooh, the stuff you can do with blackberries...,.. and they are freeeeee!

You just need to find them out and about.


Earlier in the year our blackberries start off as pretty white blossom. If you have seen these flowers whilst on your travels then you you already know where to find them, and you can look forward to the arrival of our juicy little friends..... Just be patient. The onset of Spring sees the bush begin to develop green and then red berries. Finally, they ripen into the gorgeous deep juicy purple berries that we will need to make the magic happen!


Note that this year the harvesting of blackberries has come early. They are normally an autumn fruit, harvested from late August through to October.

Sooo, no time to lose, let's put on our walking shoes and get hunting .Afterall, they're too good to miss!


 They're a fabulous berry, an excellent source of fibre, full of vitamins A,B,C,E & K, and they also contain antioxidants and minerals. Quite simply they are a 'superfood'.

Ladies and gentlemen (and boys and girls), I give you.....

'The Humble Blackberry'

OK, with such a big build up, I think it's only right that we eat......


1 ripe banana (chopped)

A handful of blackberries

1 teacup of ice cold milk or yogurt

Throw all the ingredients together into a blender and ........  blend!



Now, let's paint with blackberries......

Yes, you can make your very own natural paint.

What you will need:

 A bowl

A stone found from the garden 

Paint brush



This is messy play and we all know that little one's love getting messy!

Place blackberries into a bowl and crush them with the stone until they become liquified

You've now made homemade blackberry paint. Just pick up your paint brush and get painting.





 Remember, blackberries are a fab fruit to you can pick lots and lots to use throughout the year..... If you don't eat them all, first!


Happy foraging......x


PS) Make sure an adult helps you!