10,000, wow that sounds like a lot! Yet is can be easy to reach 10,000 steps each day. Here are Chase Fit’s, top 10 tips on ways you can reach that magic number.

  1. Join a Chase Fit Walk – www.chasefit.co.uk
  2. Use an activity tracker to count those steps; it is a great way to know how you are doing and to motivate you to move that little bit more. Some trackers even give you a little nudge when you have been sat down for to long!
  3. When your little one is young, put them in a baby carrier and head out on an adventure.
  4. It is very tempting to use an escalator or a lift – but try where possible to use the stairs.
  5. Rather than jumping in the car to do your day to day errands, walk there instead.
  6. Start a walking club with your friends; always helps if it ends at a coffee shop.
  7. Have an active lunch break, go on walk, clear your head and have a productive afternoon.
  8. Discover your local area, Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – what hidden gems can you discover?
  9. Set reminders on your phone, when that alarm goes, up you get and walk around.
  10. Get in to a routine, remember every step counts!

What ways do you get those 10,000 steps in?