Spring is in the air and all the flowers bulbs are starting to show. Out and about see if you can spot all the flower

bulbs sprouting up and saying...........hello.








Do fancy having a go at making your very own bulb flower , could be a perfect gift for mother's day.


What you will need.........


Print off the PDF ' building my flower' on to A4 white card

One piece of A4 white card

Mini peat pot 6cm diameter

Brown tissue or brown paper ( old envelope will do)

Small piece of brown card

One paper clip

Little bit of wool

Colouring pencils


Green paint 

One other colour paint ( yellow, blue, pink etc)


1....To make the bulb 

Cut out your bulb shape from the small piece of card just big enough to fit into the pot.

Paint green a small piece of paper then cut out to make the shoot, stick onto bulb.

Hole punch three holes at the bottom of bulb and tie the bits of wool to make the roots.

2......Now plant your bulb

Rip up your piece of brown paper to make the soil and add to the pot and place your bulb inside.


3.....Now it's time to make your decorative plant pot.

Cut the white piece of A4 card in half. 

Grab your pencils and draw and decorate only the one half

( Keep the plain half as we will need it later)


 4.... Paint your leaf and flower cup green

Paint your hand in a colour of your choice and print onto the  PDF.

Once dry cut the hand and shapes out.



Grab the other half of the A4 white card and stick the white stem onto it and cut out again. ( this will give it extra strength to stand tall)

Then stick green flower cup to hand print.

You are now ready to put it all together.

Once it is all together just give your drawn pot a staple.( this makes the structure stronger)

Add your flower using your paper clip.

Then tie a little bow with garden twine around the pot.

There you have a pretty little gift for mother's day.