A print out and make paper rocket - ten easy steps to fly your Grow Up Great Bear to the moon


  • Thin white or coloured A4 card
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pencils, pens or crayons
  • Scraps of papers, tin foil or sequins
  • PVA glue and glue spreader
  • Sticky tape
  • Thin bamboo stick or drinking straw
  • Hole punch
  • Wools and ribbons


  1. Print out the rocket template onto a sheet of thin white or coloured card
  2. Decorate both rockets using your favourite colouring things
  3. Use PVA glue to stick down sparkly sequin treasures, squares of tin foil or glittery paper scraps
  4. Cut out the two rocket shapes
  5. Punch or cut a hole in each of the three circles at the base of both rockets
  6. Use a few pieces of sticky tape to attach the bamboo stick or straw to the back of either one of your rocket shapes
  7. Paste the back of the other rocket shape with a thin layer of PVA glue
  8. Stick the undecorated sides of your rocket shapes firmly together so that the stick is sandwiched in between the shapes
  9. Thread, loop and tie short lengths of flame coloured ribbons and wools through the punched holes
  10. Wave your paper rocket in the air to check for super swoosh action and you’re ready to fly teddy to the moon and back!