This is what you will need  

                                                                                     sweet popcorn

                                                                                     Cheerio cereal

                                                                                     Garden string

                                                                                     Strong thread

                                                                                    a sewing needle




           To make a popcorn bird necklace you need a needle and thread. All you need to do (with a little help from mom or dad)  thread the needle and tie a knot at the end of thread to stop the popcorn from falling off then start to push the popcorn through the needle and you will start to form a trail of popcorn. When you have finished threading the popcorn tie the ends together to form a necklace.


            To make a cheerio bird necklace you need garden twine or string.Tie a knot in one end of twine and start to thread the Cheerios on to the twine until you have enough to make a necklace. When you have finished threading tie both ends together.



                                                    Time to hang your creations on to your trees