Find textures, make patterns and use the template to create a beautiful fluttering butterfly


Butterfly templates

A4 sheet of thick paper or thin white card

Cereal box

A pencil


Oil pastels or crayons

Patterned rubbing boards (optional)

Glue stick or PVA


Hole punch

Wool or string


  • Print the butterfly templates
  • Cut out three butterflies and the butterfly body
  • Use the body shape as a template to draw around onto the cereal box. Cut out a new thicker card butterfly body from the cereal box and use the hole punch to punch a hole in the thinner end of the card. This will be your butterfly’s head
  • Find interesting textured surfaces to use to make patterns and fill each of the butterflies with colour. Hold your paper butterfly on to a textured surface and rub the oil pastel over the paper until the pattern starts to appear from underneath. Try taking rubbings from patterned boards, tree bark, the pavement, leaves, coins and any other exciting textures you can find to decorate your butterfly’s wings

  • When all three butterflies are decorated, turn the smaller two butterflies over and pop a little bit of glue on the back, in the centre, just between the wings. Try not to glue the wings down - we want those to flutter. Stick all three together to make one butterfly, biggest at the back, smallest at the front

  • Colour in one side of the butterfly body
  • Tape the end of a length of wool to the other side, the back, and wrap the wool around the body a few times. Finish and tape at the back
  • Make some woolly antennae. Cut a 10cm length of wool or string, fold in half and push the looped end half way through the punched hole. Take the two little woolly tails back over the card and poke through the loop. Pull to secure
  • Assemble your butterfly and staple everything together to keep it all in place

  • For a finishing touch, make your wings fan out by carefully folding and unfolding the top two layers of wings, over the middle and back again, one by one

A beautiful flutterby butterfly... don’t let go or he might fly away!