Make a decorative garland of beautiful paper blackberries

 A lovely craft activity with a little bit of cutting for the grown-ups, lots of sticking for the little ones and some threading skills to try together.



  • Thin A4 sized card
  • Purple, pink, patterned and green coloured papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors and pinking shears
  • PVA glue and spreader or glue stick
  • String
  • Pink, purple and green beads



  1. Print out the bunting template from your computer onto thin card
  2. Cut out the triangles, leaves and circle shapes from the template
  3. Draw around the leaf templates onto green papers and cut out some leaves. Use pinking shears if you have them for an authentic zig-zaggy leaf edge
  4. Draw around the circle templates onto pink, purple and patterned papers and cut out. You’ll need to make lots of circles so it’s a good idea to layer together a few sheets of coloured papers at once and cut out several circles at a time

  1. Punch out the two marked holes at the top of each card bunting triangle
  2. Time for the fun sticking bit! Glue rows and piles of your colourful circles to all of your bunting triangles. Making sure the punched holes remain visible, have fun covering the card bases and turning them into berries
  3. Glue two leaves to the top of each berry
  4. Cut a 100cm length of string
  5. Starting from the back of a berry, thread the string up through one punched hole and down through the next. In between each hole, thread beads onto the string for extra juicy looking berries

  1. Thread all of your berries on to the string in this way, one after the other, so that they sit alongside each other and hang pointing down like traditional bunting would
  2. Tie and knot each end of the string to make little loops for your bunting to hang from

All done! You've made a beautiful string of blackberry bunting to brighten the day.



  • You can make your string of bunting with as many or as few berries to decorate on it as you like. There aren’t really any rules – for a longer string of beautiful berries simply print out and decorate more triangle shapes
  • Decorate the triangles with different coloured paper circles to replace the blackberries with handmade paper strawberries, raspberries or bunches of grapes to make a vine full of juicy colourful fruits instead
  • If you’re finding it tricky to cut all the circles you’ll need for this activity by hand, there are lots of different sized circular hole punches available to buy in most craft shops.