Twigs and twine, sticks and string - get creative outdoors and make a piece of woven treasure on your next adventure

Pack up a picnic, pop some string in your pocket and spend some lovely play time together foraging for twigs, sticks, grasses, leaves and stems to create your own gorgeous woven art piece. This is a lovely activity for little ones and their grown ups that like to get creative outdoors – especially perfect for a sunny summers day

Lay four similar sized sticks or twigs out to make a frame shape – it doesn’t matter if they’re wonky, wonky’s good!

Over lap the ends of each stick and tightly bind each corner together using string, or wire if you have any, to secure your sticks into a frame for your weave

Tie a long length of string to the top left corner of your frame and, working towards the right, wrap the string around your frame - up and down over the top and bottom sticks until your frame is covered in taught vertical lines of string. Tie the end of the string off with a good strong knot

Poke and push your nature finds into your frame, twist stems around the strings if you need to keep them in place

For older children, try weaving grasses and stems over one string then under the next, continuing across the weaving frame, over, under, over, under the strings until the grassy stems stay in place. Use your first stem as a guide. If you went over a string on your first journey across the frame, with your next stem or piece of grass go under that same string on your second journey

Add more lovely bits and pieces to your gorgeous piece of art work as you skip along!
You could always add to your weave when you get home too - tuck in ribbons, wools or beads on strings for extra decoration