March the month to plant seeds. 

                                                                                     I am a seed

                                                                          What do I need to grow ?

                                                                           I need the sun to shine

                                                                                  The rain to fall

                                                                               Then I will sprout

                                                                              And grow oh so tall.



For the seeds to grow  in our allotment garden we need sunshine and rain. You can have a go at creating your very own sunshine and raindrops.



                                                    To create the sun structure you need to go on a hunt in your garden

                                                    to find a bendy stick or small branch. Bend the stick into a circle and to

                                                    Keep it secure and in shape tie bits of string.  



                                                    Now it's time to find yellow wool

                                                    ask Mom or Gran if they have any wool you can recycle!



                                                   Tie wool to the circle structure and start to wrap wool in and out

                                                   and around structure. Weave until it's full of sunshine yellow.



                                                    To create the raindrops you need to print off the raindrop PDF

                                                    Grab your colouring pencils have a scribble then cut the raindrops out

                                                    Hole punch a hole at the top of raindrop and go on a hunt to find 

                                                     some  recycled blue wool. Thread the blue wool through the 

                                                    the raindrop and attach and tie to your woven sunshine.




                                                          You now have your scribbly raindrops hanging from

                                                          Your warm woolly woven  sunshine.


If you fancy having a go at colouring  in your very own warm sunny sunshine then print off' My sunshine' PDF

.............And get scribbling ,painting or sticking. You choose......