Use the printable template to make your own little fishing sticks and catch some colourful fish

Fishies in the water, fishies in the sea
we all jump up with a one, two, THREE!


Fishy template - printed onto paper or card
Scraps of colourful fabrics and papers
Colouring things - crayons, oil pastels or pens
Hole punch
Blue threads, wools and ribbons
Beads (optional)
A stick


• Print out the template onto paper or card
• Use crayons, pastels or pens to colour in your fishy shapes
• Cut out a pile of small triangular scraps of colourful fabrics and papers

• Glue the scraps on to your fish shape, starting from the tail end and working towards the head, so that they overlap each other and start to look like fishy scales. Stop sticking just before you reach your fishes eye
• Cut out your decorated fish
• Punch a hole through the circle for his eye
• Loop and knot a length of thread through the hole and tie the thread tightly to the end of a stick. Leave enough thread between the stick and your fish so that he can dangle
• To make your fish look like he’s swimming in water, tie a few lengths of blue wool or ribbons around the stick. You could maybe try threading some beads on there too
• All done! Make an imaginary pond and pop off to catch some colourful fish