Time for Tea! Use the printable template to make your own printed tea cups for your next pretend tea party


A4 sheet of thin card
Cup template
Corn on the cob
Wooden skewer or forks
Paint brush or roller
Paper plate for paint
Tea bag on a string (optional)
Biscuit (essential)

  • Print out the template onto a sheet of A4 card
  • Protect your painting area with a suitable covering – this printing project can get messy!
  • Carefully push a wooden skewer through the centre of your corn on the cob to make two handles that stick out on either side of the corn for little hands to hold (Two smaller skewers either end, corn holders or small forks work too)
  • Squeeze out some paint. You’re going to cover the corn in colour! There’s two ways to do this, both work well. You can either use a paint brush or roller to spread the paint onto a paper plate then hold the corn by its handles and roll the corn through the paint. Or, apply the paint directly onto the corn cob using a brush. Have a play and choose whichever way you think your little one will have the most fun

  • Hold the paint covered corn by its handles and roll the corn over the template and prepare for a WOW moment! Keep rolling until the cup template is covered in corn print 
  • Let the paint dry and cut out the cup shape. Remember to carefully cut out the space inside the cup handles to
  • Fold along the dotted lines so that the cup stands up on its base with the printed surfaces on the outside
  • Fold the two strips at either end of the cup up at a right angle so they sit vertically inside the cup
  • Pop a line of glue along each of the four folded tabs and stick two to each side of the inside of your cup
  • To make a matching tea bag for your corn on the cob cuppa, find a tea bag on a string and print an extra little rectangle of corn print. Cut out the printed piece, fold and glue in place over the original paper tab of the teabag
  • Tea party time! Dunk a real biscuit and pretend to drink some tea. Delicious.