Print with juicy real apples to make pretend paper apples

Painting fruit, practising cutting skills, searching for twigs and lots of good fun gluing. This is a lovely activity for little ones and grown-ups… although your fruit bowl may never be safe from paint again!



An Apple
Knife and chopping board
Paper towel or tissue
2 A4 sheets of card – white or pale coloured
Black and green paper
Red or green paints
Paint brush
Paper plate
Glue stick and a smidge of PVA
Thin twig
Strong tape
Hole punch


  • Carefully cut your apple in half, making sure that the inside of the apple is as flat as possible
  • Press a paper towel or tissue against the flat inside of one half of the apple to soak up any juicy moisture.
  • Squidge out some paint and use a brush to paint the inside of the apple. Not too much paint, just a nice thin layer that covers the flat surface of the apple. Or, you could cover a paper plate in paint and press the apple into the paint; either way works well so long as there’s an even covering of colour on the flat printy side of the apple
  • Press the painted side of the apple down firmly onto the sheet of card. Try to keep your hand as still as possible so that your print isn’t too smudgy. Keep printing with your apple and reapplying the paint as often as you think you need to until you have 8 or 9 lovely apple prints. Each time you print try to place the apple on the card so that each print doesn’t overlap

  • Leave your perfectly imperfect apple prints to dry. Whilst the paint is drying this is a great opportunity to pop outside and hunt for a thin little twig to use as your apple stalk
  • Time to practise our cutting skills… Cut out each of your apple prints. I like to use 9 apple prints to make up my pretend apple
  • More cutting… this time cut out lots of little teardrop shapes from the black paper. These will be your apple pips
  • Use the glue stick to stick two little pips onto each of your apple prints
  • When you’re all pipped up, fold each apple in half, so that the painted sides come together
  • Using the glue stick, cover one half of the back of a folded apple in glue - the unpainted side. Take another folded apple, match up the folded spines and stick it them together, hold until its secure. Keep sticking folded apples together like this until you’ve joined up 4 folded printed apples

  • At four apples you’re nearly half way around. Open what you’ve stuck together so far and lay it flat on the table so that the inside centre of your apple is facing you
  • Place your thin twig, the thinner the better, into the middle of your apple where the folds join. This is your apple stalk so make sure there’s some poking out of the top. Use a piece of strong tape to hold your apple stalk in place. Sellotape or masking tape work okay, strong duct tape works brilliantly

  • Pretend the twig isn’t there and carry on as before sticking your folded printed apple halves together until you have 8 or 9 prints joined together. Make sure you glue your last half to your first
  • Cut a paper leaf shape from the green paper
  • Use a hole punch to punch a hole at one end of your leaf and thread this over your apple stalk
  • Pop a little dribble of PVA on the end of your leaf and tuck it into the centre of your apple to help the leaf stand up

   Ta da! A beautiful hand-made printed paper apple! Pop it in a basket, its time to play shops…

   You could try using this same idea with other fruits too; pears and pineapples look amazing!