There's lots of information about to support families to make the best food choices to help children grow up great. One organisation that provides families with this info is the British Nutrition Foundation.

One area they provide support is about 'portion sizes for 1 -3 year olds' and for this they use the phrase '5332-a day', which is a great way to remember the breakdown of food groups:

  • Starchy foods x 5-a-day
  • Fruit & vegetables x 5-a-day
  • Dairy foods x 3-a-day
  • Protein foods x 2-a-day*


*3 portions if child is vegetarian.

British Nutrition Foundation says:

'Toddlers aged 1-3 years are growing and developing quickly and it's an important time to make sure they are eating well to get all the nutrients they need as well as getting into the habit of eating a healthy, varied diet. However, for parents and carers it can be hard to know exactly what toddlers should be eating and in what amounts. This guide is designed to help parents and carers choose a healthy, varied diet for their child'

You can download the guide from this page, and find out further information from British Nutrition Foundation's website here