It’s been four whole weeks since Mrs VFAD returned to work after maternity leave. We had a blast; the four of us all together having fun, visiting places, running to no fixed schedule. It was great but all good things must come to an end and if I’m honest, I was quite glad of a getting some routine back into our days. I have found that I have to adopt a routine to make sure that things get done.

I thought I had it nailed but it turns out adding another human to the mix of daddy day care brings new challenges. Where I once had dinner time sorted and meals ready for us all to eat together; I now have one demanding some time to play and another pawing at the child gate that keeps them out and me in the kitchen. Where I once had the washing done and the ironing saved for sunday nights; now there’s more washing than I my Lenor balls can cope with and I can’t stomach the idea of standing for hours straightening the crumpled pile. I find I’m wearing a lot of jumpers these days and doing the bare minimum so the kids and Mrs VFAD look presentable. Where I once had the housework done (dusting and hoovering) with ease; I find myself trying to squeeze these chores in whenever I can. I even bought a new Dyson and duster buster convincing myself that it would be easier – who was I kidding’ nothing’s easier with two especially when the very sound of a vacuum leads to frowns and grimaces from the baby.

The only solution I have found to this chaos so far is a slow cooker. We have had one for some time but I haven’t really got to grips with it. But now my relationship with it has changed and I turn to it for solace most days. Sadly, I played it risky and an incident with cold water led to a crack of epic proportions so a new Crockpot has been welcomed into the VFAD kitchen and it has settled well. I like to think that we are on a road to discovery together.

I’m looking for more solutions so if you have any suggestions that can ease the pain, I’d welcome them. In the meantime, I’m off to unload the washer for the third time today and see what I can hand on coat hangers to dry to avoid the ironing pile getting any taller.